Water drainage landscaping solutions.
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Drainage solutions tend to be generalized as being unattractive, but necessary. With these 11 inspiring solutions, your landscape can stay beautiful while avoiding damage from heavy rains.

1. Use landscaping rock to create a fountain

Fra-Dor's landscaping rock can be used to create a fountain.Natural stone landscaping in home garden


2. Edge your yard with plants and small rocks to direct the water

Rocks and plants lining the edge of a yard.dry creek bed along side the edge of a back yard

3. Install a small grate to collect runoff


Curbside and rainwater drainage system to collect runoff

4. Design an area with rocks to guide the water downward

Dry Creek Bed with pebbles and rocks

5. Use plants, mulch, and rocks to absorb rainwater as nourishment

Beautiful backyard landscape design View of colorful trees and decorative trimmed bushes and rocks

6. Design a water source to direct water away from the house

Small pond used to direct water away from a home.

7. Disguise the gutter with nice landscaping additions

classic american house with fence and green grass

8. Create a dry creek to run water away

Dry creek bed used to direct water away from the house.

9. Small landscaping rocks take the pressure of heavy rainfall

Use small rock around the house to help landscape during heavy rainfall.


10. Paving materials that incorporate small gaps for water drainage

Porous pavers incorporate small gaps to allow for water drainage.


11. By designing the entire area with landscaping rocks, you will improve your drainage immensely

Front yard filled with landscaping rock to improve drainage.

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