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Is it time to step up your gardening game? Are you about to create a lavish landscape? We’ve compiled a list of the very best gardening and landscaping blogs. These are listed in no particular order and all the blogs that were chosen are frequently updated, entertaining, helpful, and different in their own ways.

The Best Gardening Blogs

Your Green Pal – If you love your yard, these guys have some of the best tips. They offer a ton of amazing infographics and tips without a super salesy pitch.
Little Green Fingers
-This blog is aimed at getting little kids “hooked” on gardening. From backyard play equipment ideas to easy, fun projects, this is one to bookmark if you have little kids at home.

Floret Flowers – Whether you’re into roses or petunias you’ll love this blog dedicated to flowers of all kinds. This company really knows their stuff and they are more than happy to share their tips with you.
You Grow Girl blog

You Grow Girl – She’s been blogging for over 15 years now, so you know her advice is golden. Her site is gorgeous too.

Growing With Plants – Matt Mattus has a simple, straightforward and easy to navigate site. If you want a guy’s point of view, this is the blog for you.

Garden Betty – This blog is young and hip, and offers advice on everything from backyard chickens to how-tos on growing a variety of veggies. She’s a great writer with a really cute pug.

Everyday Gardener – She co-wrote a book on decoding the 100 most common recommendations for gardening. This makes her blog full of unique and uncharted advice.

Get Busy Gardening – A great blog if you are a beginner or on a budget. Some blogs are aimed at people who already have green thumbs. This blog will give you a break down without breaking your budget.

Urban Organic Gardener – For all of those city gardeners out there with little space, but big garden dreams.

Urban Organic Gardener blog

Garden Lady Linda – As a Minnesota company, we had to include this blog on the list. The woman’s insights are all geared toward growing gardens in Minnesota’s climate. So if you want to know how to make it through the freezing winters and the sizzling summer, she is your gal.

The Best Landscaping Blogs

Precision Landscape and Tree – This business is a fellow Little Canada, MN business that specializes in residential and commericial tree care. The company maintains a helpful tips section with articles on everything from how to plant a tree to how to decide which trees to plant to keeping indoor plants alive.

Tomlinson Bomberger – Constant new articles discussing the basics to not so typical landscaping topics.

Dirt Simple – A very experienced landscape designer that takes a lot of pictures. If you are a visual person or want a lot of inspiration, this is the blog for you.

HighGrove Partners – Though they are based in Atlanta, this landscaping company offers a ton of interesting info on their blog.

We try to be valuable resource for all of you green thumbs out there. Hopefully, these blogs will help you sharpen your skills and get you going on your yard!

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