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Don’t let your home be the neighborhood eyesore! Making simple changes to your landscape will add curb appeal to your house. If you are selling your home, this is especially important. Curb appeal immediately increases the value of your property. What could be a better investment?

What is curb appeal?

Front exterior of luxury home in evening

Curb appeal is the attractiveness of an exterior of a home. It is so important because it is the first impression a visitor will get and possibly the last if they don’t make it inside.

Imagine having a potential buyer of your home come to look at it and turning away before they reach the front door. That expensive kitchen remodel that you just had done no longer matters because it was not even shown.

If this is your forever home, you want to have a place that you can show off to your friends and family.

19 Ways to Improve Your Curb Appeal

1. Drive by at different times of the day and take note of anything that is not presentable


Homes can look different at different times of the day. Take note of what looks good and what does not and make an effort to fix the things that aren’t up to standard.

2. House numbers


Replace or renew your house numbers. Having visible house numbers that stick out add a lot to a home. Placement, color, size, and type are all key here. It is a good idea to put a light above your house number so that it illuminates at night.

3. Clean the gutters, roof, and siding or replace them if necessary

44174154 - roof cleaning with high pressure

Having a clean exterior is one of the top ways to add home value. It can make old material look brand new.

First, get the leaves and gunk out of the gutters. Then wash the roof and siding. Each type of siding has specifications on how it can be washed so do research beforehand to avoid damaging the surface. After cleaning, take a good look at the results. Holes, loose sections, or stains are signs that it might be time to get it replaced.

4. Plants and trees


Adding plants is one of the easier and most rewarding fixes for curb appeal. Get creative and pick flowers that accent your home exterior well. Check with your local florist to see what plants grow best in your climate. Put them in window boxes, pots, around your trees, or up your walkway.

Trees are also a great addition because they block sunlight and increase the efficiency of your home. Do plenty of research before planting a tree to see how tall it gets, the climate it needs, and upkeep that you will need to comply with. Coniferous trees are great for privacy, deciduous trees have beautiful leaves that fall, and shrubs provide a great food source for wildlife.

Check out this great article to see which trees grow best in Minnesota.

5. Add mulch or rocks around the plants

13535157 - man spreading cypress mulch in a flower garden to conserve moisture

Mulch and rock make plants pop because they create contrast. Fra-Dor has a great selection of these materials, take a look on the website for pictures!

6. Make a pathway


If you don’t already have one, make a pathway going up to your front door. Big stepping stones or concrete work well for this.

7. Keep up on your lawn


Water and mow your lawn so that it is at its prime. If there are spots where the grass is dead, add fertilizer or plant new seed.

8. Paint

12433527 - hand with paintbrush painting a door white

The door, fence, front porch, shutters, etc. can all be painted. Sand down the existing paint and then get creative. Having a front door that pops is popular right now!

9. Shape trees and shrubs


Get out your pruning scissors and shape your plants. Overgrown trees or shrubs can hide the beauty of your home.

10. Outdoor lighting

56095762 - luxury home exterior with green grass and driveway at sunset

If you do not have outdoor lighting, now is the time to add some! Your plants, walkway, or garage are all great spots. Lights are essential for safety and curb appeal. If you already have lights, make sure they are in working condition, clean, and turned on at night.

11. Repair the driveway


Cleaning the driveway is a great start. But if it is not in good condition, consider getting it refinished.

12. Upgrade the mailbox


Upgrade your current mailbox by painting it, planting flowers around it, or cleaning it. If this doesn’t quite fix the problem, a new one could be your best option!

13. Clean Your Windows

43885224 - close up of woman cleaning window glass with steam

Use the pressure washer, gentle soap, and a squeegee to leave the windows spotless and streak free. We recommend a ladder and a partner for safety.

14. Get Rid of Weeds


Pull your weeds out by the root to make sure that they don’t grow back. Spray areas with weed killer that are prone to growth like between bricks to keep crisp lines.

15. Porch Furniture

comfortable outdoor living area on a brick patio with a deep seating settee and cushions flanked by red ceramic pedestal table and flowerpot with spring flowers and a straw sunhat

You don’t want to clutter your front porch, but if you have a large area, consider adding a rocking chair or bench.

16. Add a Fun Welcome Mat


This is a cheap way to add character. Add a welcome mat to serve it’s title and welcome people into your home!


These simple changes will make a big difference in your curb appeal. Don’t let a few days of work keep you from getting a return on your investment.

If you are in need of landscape supplies in the Twin Cities area, check out Fra-Dor’s website to place an order!

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