It's cheaper to buy landscape materials in bulk,
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Whether you are looking for landscaping rock, mulch, black dirt, top soil, or recycled materials, buying in bulk has its benefits. Also, don’t be misconstrued, bulk does not mean that you will have enough wood chips for the entire neighborhood. You can go to a landscape supply store that sells in bulk and buy a wheelbarrow full. You can customize the amount of product to your project.

Why buy your landscape supplies in bulk?

There are many benefits to buying your landscaping materials in bulk. But here are 9 that we think are important!



1. The entire batch will look the same

When you buy materials in one swoop, the product comes out looking the same. But when you try to buy landscaping supplies from bags or in small sections at a time, it is more likely that the product color and texture will be different. By buying in bulk, you are reducing the chances that will happen because you can get all of your product from one batch. Plus you will have an expert there to help you decide how much to get for your project so that you won’t run out halfway through.

2. Save money

If you compare a project that uses bulk materials to one that uses bagged, you can estimate that the bagged will cost almost double the price.

3. High-quality

Going off of the price, for less money you will also be getting a higher quality product that you can touch and see. If your product comes in a bag, it could be moldy, low quality, or not the color you expected. When you buy your product off of a lot, you can see exactly what you are getting which gives the lot an extra incentive to hold their suppliers to a high standard.

4. Easier to haul

With bulk products, there are no bags. That means that you don’t have to spend a beautiful summer day hauling each bag into your car just to get home and then unload them one by one.

5. Delivery

An even easier way to haul the products is with delivery. Most lots will offer to deliver the supplies right to your home. Big box stores don’t do this.

6. Environmentally friendly

The lack of additional packing makes it more environmentally friendly. There will not be 100 plastic bags polluting the earth. Plus, it is less trash for you to find a spot for.

7. You can buy the exact amount you need

When you buy in bags, you have to get that next bag to complete your project. But in bulk, you can buy exactly as much as you need.

8. Expert employees at landscaping supply companies

When you walk into a landscaping supply store, the employees live and breathe landscaping supplies. They have helped many people get materials for their home project. That means they will be able to give you expert advice on what you should do, how much you need, and what colors or styles will look best.

9. Shopping local

Shopping local helps your community. By buying from these stores you are helping families and the overall economy.
Buying landscaping supplies in bulk may seem intimidating, but we promise that when you get to the supply lot, you will change your mind. Make your project the best it can be at the lowest price with help from the experts!

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