About Our Company

Fra-Dor, Inc., has been a Minnesota landscape supply company for over 30 years.

We pride ourselves on being a local, family-owned company providing exceptional service to Twin Cities residents as a top landscape supply company in Minnesota. The Frattalone family has lived in the Little Canada area for years – and Fra-Dor, Inc., is a separate corporation operating as a part of the Frattalone Companies family of businesses.

Small beginnings

We started out in 1988 when we bought our land in Little Canada. It was unusable and swampy. Through partnering with the city, we excavated the peat and filled in the land with clean fill and concrete. Voila – a site where we could start a business!

The opportunity was right in front of us: we could manufacture that peat we had excavated into quality topsoil. So we did. We sold this to homeowners as black dirt.

For many years we focused on black dirt. Then we started accepting broken concrete and asphalt from local roads and driveways. We found we could recycle this into an environmentally-friendly, useful class 5 and 6 gravel that the community could reuse for various projects. In 2007 we purchased the old G&K Landscape property to the east of us in Little Canada in order to expand our commercial division. This gave us the resources and space to provide the public with even more quality and supplies.

Helping homeowners and contractors

Now we are known in the Twin Cities as a landscape supply company with a wide variety of quality products. Having started out in black dirt, we now offer mulch, sand, decorative rock, class 5 material, and more supplies for residential and commercial jobs. We’re proud to be a part of the Little Canada community, and we enjoy serving Minnesota homeowners and professionals with great supplies.

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