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Backyard fire pits have become must-haves for summer enjoyment, and it’s no wonder – there’s just something about gathering around a roaring flame that creates bonding experiences and wonderful summertime memories. While bonfires were once a source of warmth and necessity for earlier generations, they now function primarily as entertainment features and popular landscaping features. As an outdoor fireplace and extension of your kitchen, a fire pit expands your dining and recreational possibilities and allows you to take eating and entertaining into the great outdoors.

 Why do it yourself?simple-stone-firepit

Although many home improvement stores sell pre-made metal fire pits for purchase, an increasing trend has been to design and build your own. Inexpensive store-bought fire pits can rust and come apart over time. If you’d like to enjoy your backyard bonfires for years to come, building your own – whether from stone or wood – could be a worthwhile investment. Additionally, building your own fire pit doesn’t have to break the bank – many people have done it in a few $100 dollars or less using natural stone products or boulders.

Types of fire pits you can build yourself

A do-it-yourself fire pit can range from incredibly simple to fairly ornate, depending on a homeowner’s wishes and visions for the fire pit’s use. Wondering how to build a fire pit, and which kind to create? Consider what kind of environment you want to create, the time you want to invest, how much you want to spend on supplies, and the permanence of the structure you want to make. Below are some great ideas using four different types of materials. firepit 1

Simple stones. One of these firepits will be easy and quick to create, look very casual, and not end up being very expensive. By arranging a ring of stones in a circle over a non-combustible surface, you can have a fire pit ready in a jiffy. 

Natural stone. Many customers like a more planned-looking fire pit that still retains a natural look and feel. The fire pit and surrounding landscape pictured below can easily be created with Fra-Dor natural boulders. We offer a variety of sizes that you can pick out based on the landscape you want to create.

Brick or blocks. If you’re willing to invest more time and money into your fire pit and landscape, consider a fire pit made out of fire brick or retaining wall blocks. Although pavers and retaining wall blocks can be more expensive, the end result is often enjoyed by homeowners looking for a more polished final product. A great idea is to create a rock or stone “patio” of sorts upon which you can build your fire pit, creating a landscape that is both useful and enjoyable for you. These fire pits will take longer, but they will last for years to come.
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Steel/metal fire pit. Here’s a unique and more modern option. If you know how to weld, or know someone who can weld for you, you can weld a cool fire “ring” of sorts out of steel or metal. Create a rock or gravel walkway in your yard and leave an open spot where you can place the fire ring. 

Before you start building, make sure to consider some safety tips:

  • Ensure that the fire pit’s placement is at least 10 feet away from your house or any structure in the yard.
  • Build on non-flammable materials, like concrete, gravel, dirt, or a paved stone surface.
  • Do not build under trees with low-hanging limbs! Leave plenty of vertical space above your fire pit. 

Ready to build your own fire pit? Fra-Dor’s wide variety of landscape supplies is the perfect place to start. Give us a call or check out our products page and we can make sure you have what you need – rock, stone, sand, gravel, dirt, etc. – so you can make that dream fire pit a reality to enjoy all summer long!


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