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One easy fix to having a beautiful yard that most people are missing is landscaping rock. Landscaping rocks have a tidy appearance and require little maintenance.

Benefits of Adding Boulders:Landscaping rock

Boulders are the biggest landscaping rock option but have the least amount of
color options.

  1. Adds character to an otherwise boring area
  2. Doubles as a planter for flowers
  3. Creates a focal point to direct a person’s attention
  4. Is natural transition from a garden to the yard
  5. Retains natural slopes and slow water drainage
  6. Signifies a boundary

Benefits of Adding Small Landscaping Rocks (River Rock, Trap, Limestone):The benefits of adding small landscaping rock to your yard.

Small landscaping rocks are considered ¾”-6” and have a variety of color options.

  1. Contrasts against plants, bringing more attention to them
  2. Less maintenance than mulch or other alternatives
  3. Reduces weeds
  4. Makes a path to direct water flow
  5. Provides texture for landscaping
  6. Covers large areas easily
  7. Can be used as edging around home

Benefits of Adding Pea Gravel:Pea gravel

Pea gravel is the smallest rock (around ⅜”) with the largest color variation.

  1. It can fit between larger rocks to fill in spaces
  2. Makes a great patio surface
  3. Comes in many different colors
  4. Soft and comfortable to walk on

There are so many different landscaping rock choices. Here are some helpful tips on how to make the best choice for you!

Buy local- By staying local, it will be easier to transport the rocks and save you money!

Stay natural- If you already have landscaping rock in surrounding areas, stick to a similar color and texture so that your new boulders do not look out of place.

Splurge- Many people make the mistake of buying a boulder that is too small because it is cheaper or it looks too big in the lot. By doing this, you are minimizing the effects of adding it in the first place. Ask your local professional about which size is best for your space.

Use helping stones- If you’re going with a boulder, buying one big stone and having several complimentary stones tends to look the best. Using an odd number of landscaping rocks will be easiest to configure.

Buy in large quantities- Rocks look different when they come in different batches due to the change in the original source. Buying in bulk will prevent you from getting rocks that do not match. It will also save you on transportation costs.

Come prepared- Know how much rock you will need by measuring the area. To calculate this area, measure the length and width in inches and then divide the number by 12 (Leave the data in decimal form). Then decide how deep you would like the rocks to go and divide that number by 12 (again leave it in decimal form). Next, you will want to multiply length, times width, times depth to get the cubic feet. Lastly, divide the number by 27 to get the information into cubic yards. Bring this number with you to the landscape supply store.

Adding landscaping rock to your yard will make a huge difference in the curb appeal of your home. This small investment will pay off big in the long run and your neighbors will thank you!

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