Quality Landscaping Materials

It’s not just dirt, or rock, or sand. It’s a building block, a tool in your hands that will become something beautiful – a stone walkway, terraced flower beds, a road.

You want quality products to do a quality landscaping or construction job. We care about quality, too. That’s why we hold our landscape supplies to the highest standards for quality – so we can provide our customers with the best.

The finest landscape materials Fra-Dor's rock, mulch, and sand come from the most reputable companies.

We employ highly trained employees who manufacture top quality products on the Fra-Dor site. We pulverize and screen our black dirt, then mix it with sand to create a quality product. Certain products of ours have to pass certain specifications in order to be used properly, like our class 5 and class 6 recycle We provide a recycle product that will meet the required specifications. You can be certain that our recycled aggregate will have minimal clumping and tamp. Throughout the process, our employees test frequently in order to obtain superior results.

Our rock, mulch, and sand come from the most reputable companies. Every load that comes in is hand-inspected by us to ensure the best quality for our customers.

Ensuring stunning finished products

The right look can go a long way with a project. Whether you are offering your landscaping, construction, or road building services to a client, or just doing a project at your house, you want the finished product to boost your curb appeal. Decorative rock that shimmers in the sun. Black dirt that provides a nourishing layer for grass to re-seed in. Mulch that protects your plants from poisonous weeds.  A good-looking job that’ll stand the test of time, weather, and use. Our experts can help you pick out exactly what kind of supplies – and how much – you need.

Quality doesn’t stop with the product – it applies to the quality of our expertise. We can promise you we’ll provide quality in every area of your experience with Fra-Dor.

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