Twin Cities Landscape Supplies

We offer landscape supplies for residential and commercial use. No landscaping, lawn care, or grading. We just offer supplies… but we do it well.

Fra-Dor offers mulch, rock, dirt, and boulders.


We know Minnesotans value their outdoor time. This is the land of 10,000 lakes, tall Norway Pines, and weekends at the lake. Living near St. Paul is the added bonus. You have so much outdoor beauty and the land that you are on matters. You value the look of your land. You want to enhance its beauty. There are many ways to use natural landscape supplies to build equity on your property, create aesthetic appeal, and design outdoor environments that serve your purposes.

Residential Landscape Supplies

What’s your next outdoor landscaping project? Homeowners, are you ready to create a beautiful backyard landscape that your family can enjoy on summer nights while you grill burgers and play a little volleyball? Maybe you envision a stone walkway, a terraced garden, and flower beds. These ideas are frequently adopted by St. Paul natives and we are happy to offer them landscape supplies to make their yard, and their landscape dreams, complete.

Commercial Landscape Supplies

Contractors and professional landscapers, are you looking for a local source of dirt, rock, sand, mulch, and more? Contractors getting ready for retail or commercial projects need large quantities of materials in order to landscape entire properties and provide a job up to a business’s standards.

Minnesota residents have trusted us to provide them with quality landscape supplies for two decades. At Fra-Dor we have an incredible variety of landscape supplies to fit every one of your landscaping needs. Some places only offer rock. We offer more than that. Our products, which are available for commercial or residential use, are of high quality and priced competitively. Search our products page for rock, sand, dirt, class 5, mulches and more.

Bring your car, pick-up truck, trailer, or even dump truck and haul away just what you need to finish that project. No time or means of hauling your goods? Not a problem. We deliver!

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