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Black Dirt Delivery for the Twin Cities Area

Fra-Dor delivery truck

Looking for black dirt delivery? Fra-Dor, Inc. delivers black dirt and other top-quality landscape supplies for residential or commercial use all over the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. Wherever you are in the Twin Cities, we’ll come to you!

Order any amount of product – dirt, mulch, rock, or sand – and we’ll deliver it straight to your door at the most convenient time for you.

Residential Landscaping

Whether you need to seed over dead spots in your lawn, add dirt to your garden, or fill a large hole, our landscape dirt is a great choice. Customers regularly tell us that grass seed germinates very quickly in it, growing beautiful lawns. We have black dirt, tailings/screenings, garden mix, and compost. Check out our landscape dirt product page for more information.

Commercial Landscaping

Our dirt is used by all the major contractors in the metro. We have a great reputation in our community and the Minnesota landscaping industry. Many contractors use our dirt to finish grading, sodding, and backfill.

The Best Topsoil

Our black dirt is tested often to make sure it meets MnDOT specifications for select topsoil. We use recycled sod, peat, and sand to create high-quality organic matter that is perfect dirt for all needs.

We deliver all of our supplies along with our topsoil.

Contact us or call 651-484-8180 to schedule your black dirt delivery!

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